Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Starting Out

So in the past I have been HORRIBLE at keeping any blogs that I start up to date (or even continue keeping them going at all!). I've never been one for keeping diaries or writing people letters but for some reason I am feeling a push to do this blog. 

What is this blog? you may ask. Well I have decided to make a commitment to living a low carb lifestyle.and I wanted to use this blog as a way to document my experience, express my highs and lows, and maybe even give others who are looking for advice or motivation a little help. My entries might not always be about the diet alone but about life in general. After all - I am choosing this lifestyle because I want to better my body so that I HAVE a life. It only makes sense that I share about my motivation for bettering myself.

Been Working on it for About a Week Now
It definitely hasn't been a perfect week, that's for sure. But I am getting use to the different way you have to think about preparing food. Our culture is so surrounded with a carb/starchy food at every meal that it takes a real effort to get away from that mindset. You HAVE to be willing to accept the idea and really wrap your mind around that fact that you can't eat the way you grew up eating, using the ingredients that are so commonly used. You have to decide that this change you are making is not "just for now" or "just to get the extra pounds off". It is for life. Typical temporary "diets" don't work because people just go back to eating the way they did before the diet. But if you continue eating the way you ate when you are overweight - you will BE overweight. Pretty simple concept if you ask me.
Anyways - enough rambling - back on topic. Yes This past week I have had several moments of weakness. Such as today at our staff meeting at work I was trying so hard to be good and not give in to any off limit foods....but I justified a tiny piece of bread at the restaurant after my salad....and then it became 1 donut back in the meeting room....and then a 2nd donut........and then a piece of cheesecake. *sigh* After that I stopped. I felt so guilty while I was eating that bad food that I actually left the meeting room to eat the cheesecake. That would be called compulsive overeating and binging on my carb addiction. It feels awful. And I know that when I feel awful about what I am doing to myself like that I, unfortunately, take it out on the people closest to me. :(
All you can do is just start again. No matter how many times I have to start over again I will. I WILL get this right. I WILL change my life. I WILL be the person and mother that I want to be. I am tired of giving up on myself and wasting my life away.
BTW - prayers are accepted and appreciated. Everyone needs a little extra help when times get rough. :)


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